My name is Nathan Hamblin.

I'm an award-rejecting designer.

No, seriously I am! Whilst exhibiting at New Designers 2018, I turned down a job offer in order to focus on my own business without realising that the job offer was the prize for an award. I have since been called every name under the sun!

I have basically fallen into design by accident. My early education was always a weigh up between going academic or creative. I made the decision to follow the more academic route and went to study Geography at university. A grand total of two weeks passed and I realised analysing mud was not for me.

Longing for something to satisfy my creative side, I signed up for a new Product Design course at City of Bath College; mainly because it was the only course that had spaces left. It was here that I fell in love with making; seeing something develop from a really rough sketch to a working prototype, then into the final product was a process I thoroughly enjoyed. 

I carried my design education into university where I have recently graduated with a first class degree in Creative Product Design from the University of the West of England. It was here that I was pushed out of my comfort zone which helped me to develop confidence in my own ability and to take control of my designs.

My design philosophy is simply to have fun. That is it. If I'm not enjoying myself then my designs do not have any freedom. I enjoy designing the whole experience of a product, it's the little things that make a product memorable.